Self-catering Accommodation in the Cederberg

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Gecko Creek Wilderness Lodge offers guests plenty of facilities for self-catering accommodation. We have gas cookers in the lapa, a spacious braii area in the boma, as well as a large potjie pot in the cooking area by the swimming pool. We have two very large fridges for guests to store their food as well as individual cupboards. All utensils, pots and pans, plates, glasses and cutlery are provided. Self-catering at Gecko Creek truly is an international experience as guests prepare their meals from all over the world. It is not uncommon to hear guests speaking Dutch, German, French, Spanish and English in conversations in the lapa kitchen. Here are

 two South Africans and two from France who paired up to make their first ppotjie.

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Car Hire to the Cederberg



Guests looking for Cederberg accommodation at Gecko Creek Wilderness Lodge frequently ask if they can come in their small car or do they need a 4 x 4? Gecko Creek is conveniently located only 4.2 km from the N7 highway. Although it is a dirt road, it is usually kept well-graded with very few corregations.

We frequently have guests staying at Gecko Creek who are either heading north to Namibia on their travels in southern Africa or are heading south to Cape Town on a driving loop around South Africa. Our accommodation in the Cederberg is a prime location for many of the day hikes in the area including the Waterfall in Algeria, Lot’s Wife, the Maltese Cross, the Stadsaal Caves, and the Wolfberg Arch / Wolfberg Cracks. Guests travel to these Cederberg hiking trails in their small cars with no problem.

Gecko Creek highly recommends Drive Africa for all your car hire needs for the following reasons:

  • Great Service –  They are renowned for their hands-on, just-a-call-away service no matter where you are or what you need while out and about seeing the country in a Drive Africa rental car.

  • Great Vehicles – for a wide variety of vehicles from standard to luxury cars, 4x4s and Campervans, Drive Africa can get you the set of wheels you require – in mint condition every time.

  • Great Insurance – Their fully comprehensive insurance means your total peace of mind, both in South Africa and across the borders (conditions apply for cross-border insurance)

  • Great Long-Stay Transport Solutions – for long-term visitors to the country, Drive Africa has maxi rentals and guaranteed buy-back options for cars, 4x4s and motorhomes.

  • Great Deals for Young Drivers – Under 21’s and Students can afford South Africa car rental with Drive Africa’s specially designed packages for 18, 19 and 20-year old drivers.

For more information, click on car rental to the Cederberg for all your car rental needs.





Yesterday was a huge day for Hoka. We rushed him to his vet in Cape Town for intensive tests, ultrasounds and x-rays. Suspicion was something was wrong with his kidneys. After two hours of anesthetic and examination, he was found to have spinal arthritis and some old scar tissue. Happily, we can say Hoka had a clean bill of health beyond that and he received his annual shots for rabies, etc. He returned to Gecko Creek a bit bruised and battered but should be fine by tomorrow morning.

Hoka returning to Gecko Creek from his visit to the vet.

Guests to Gecko

Spent an enjoyable evening with our Jenman group of guests (from Germany and Canada) and had some delicious Bobotie (a traditional Cape Malay dish) expertly prepared by Todd the guide.

Spent an enjoyable evening with our Jenman group of guests (from Germany and Canada) and had some delicious Bobotie (a traditional Cape Malay dish) expertly prepared by Todd the guide.

San Rock Art Discovery

A recently discovered San Rock Art painting inside a cave at Leopard Rock.

Every month we discover new paintings hidden in Leopard Rock at Gecko Creek Wilderness Lodge in the Cederberg!